Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Blogging shit...

So, I was thinking....I have such a blogger personality,I know it and I have been told by friends and family as well. However, as you can tell I don't do it lol. I guess I used this mainly for "crafty share" and never really saw it as my blog. The other night I was thinking of actually writing a book (of course without it getting published or anything big, just me writing my book for me) I decided why not blog duhhhhhh!!! So now I am asking you guys for any tips on how you run your blog? Trying to do this blogging shit right lol.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Arbonne- Genius review!

Helloooo world....I decided to start doing a biweekly update on my skin before and after using the "Genius" product from ARBONNE. I took picture of my skin pigmentation, acne and uneven redness color all over my face before I began using the Genius again (went 2months without it). I will post pictures next Friday (just began again this Friday) to see if there is a difference and if so, you will be able to see the difference in comparison to my "before" pictures. Will post the pictures side by side. Not sure if I should've posted them with this post? Right now the pigmentation in my upper lip came back and the pictures were able to pick it up since it is extremely noticeable :0  excited to see the results! 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

We walked the "green carpet"

We made it to the Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hilld on Tuesday September.23,2014 and it was a very exciting and motivating event!! Being a new Arbonne consultant has been really exciting, I definitely did not sign up to make any money (but truth be told I wouldn't stop it lol) I am in it because I swear by their products! I am hooked on hearing people tell me what a difference they have seen in their skin every time I dare them to try the RE9!! I was first introduced to Arbonne by coworker Monica,she asked me to join her team last year and like always being the skeptic that I am I of course said NO a million times before even researching the product! It wasn't until I saw another coworker skin look amazing and asked her what she had done different and told me her secret was the "genius" from Arbonne!! Needless to say, I had that baby shipped to me ASAP! I will never need to buy another skin product outside of Arbonne!!
here are some pictures from that night!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Kikki K Planner

I have been using this gorgeous Kikki K planner for about a month now and I am in love with it! It has helped me organize my life in so many ways! I guess my pocket size domino filofax was just too tiny to fit my hectic schedule on there lol. Here are some pictures of when I first started using it, I will be doing a full on review on my YouTube channel real soon YT:scrapperncrafter ;)

Monday, June 2, 2014

Instamax Graduation Album

Knowing that my baby sister was graduating from High School I knew I had to make something that she could treasure forever to capture all the memories!! On Memorial Day Weekend I decided to stop by and take a look at the frames they had and of course had to check out what sales they had going on in the scrapbook section and that's when I first spotted the "Instamax Mini 8" it's a FujiFilm Polaroid camera!!!! So I bought that, the mini album and one set of journaling cards to take to her graduation. I also went to WalMart right after and bought two twin packs of film (too expensive, order online to save $$$) Once we met up at my parents house I started snapping away! Now this was a bit more challenging than I expected! Eventhough this camera has an auto adjustment no matter what lighting you are under I found that by covering the flash with washi tape my pictures came out a lot better :D Now the other problem I encountered with this camera is that when you are looking the viewing hole to see what it is you are capturing it actually is way off from where the lens is so I had to constantly remind myself to move to the left and guess my aim :( . By the end of the night while on the way to the restaurant to celebrate Natalie's graduation I was able to stick the pictures in the album along with the journaling cards (reminded me of project life) and surprised her with it at the restaurant :) Now that was a hit!!! I would totally recommend this to anyone :) so far I am loving this instamax film!! Just ordered more film through amazon!! Can't wait!!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Slowly but surely =}

This week was a bit tough, I started working a second job managing and billing for a private practice. The practice is surrounded by yummy smelling restaurants and I must admit it has been extremely tough!!! I fought back and resisted from eating at any of those restaurants during work but I noticed that as soon as I would get home I would cave in and eat whatever I was cooking :0 so I weighed in yesterday for biggest loser and I only managed to lose one pound this week :( but was happy to see this morning that I am still in third place :) so I am determined this week I am going to strive to get at least three pounds off!! I want to win this challenge as bad as I want to fit into my smaller tank tops for summer!!! Let's do this baby!!

Hey ladies check this yummy recipe out!!

Monday, March 10, 2014


Hey everyone! you can tell by the title, I have lost 9 lbs in two weeks! My last weigh in was on Thursday March 7, 2013 for the "biggest loser challenge" at work! During my first week I lost 5 pounds and last week I lost 4 pounds! The second week was definitely easier for me. I had zero soda for 16 days straight! I say 16 because yesterday I caved in and had half a can!! I KNOW I KNOW IT WAS SO BAD BUT OOH SOO GOOD! I blame the temptation at home :( I have been so excited because I can see small results but still a big deal to tummy was the first sign, since there had been no soda I was not bloated and was looking a lot better in my shirts lol. Next, my ring rings started feeling loose and now I can see my ankles, my ankles are not swollen they are a lot thinner :D After seeing these results it has encouraged me a lot more to keep on going!!! You are probably wondering what I have done to lose the weight, well the first week I decided to take the advice of my nutritionist and in order to get rid of bad habits to replace my meals with either a protein shake or a protein bar and cut out my meals for just one week (which felt like forever and I was one grouchy person!). The shakes/bars had to be less than 1g of sugar and more than 16g of protein. During my second week I have cut down to zero rice (brown, white, red ALL rice, no bread,no juices/soda just pure water ( I do not want to drink up my calories). I start my breakfast with either two egg whites with fruit or if I am in a hurry I'll have a shake then for lunch I make sure I make this a good meal :D I have even had a "protein" burger from INN n OUT lol which isn't as great but hey it beats the shakes and bars hee hee. For dinner I try to have a lot of water before I start getting hungry so I can get filled up with a bar but if that does not fill me up I have the bar with half a shake :O. To be honest if I am cooking dinner and I really want some I do nibble on some here and there but I do not serve myself some on a plate because then I want more. Hopefully I can videotape this soon I'm waiting on losing more weight...what do you think? You cant really tell I have lost the weight unless you look at my fingers and ankles bahahaha. Nobody has told me they've noticed a difference so far besides my guy, not my family, not my friends/coworkers or students :( I also started exercising and running every single night since Friday so lets see how that goes. Can't wait to hear from all of you. Good luck!!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Late blog...

I apologize I did not blog yesterday as scheduled but to be super honest I did not start my journey that Friday :0 it was extremely hard with the weekend, I felt like such a failure and almost pushed it aside but I ate lightly on the weekend.that Monday I decided to join the "biggest loser" challenge they had going on at work for more encouragement. So I will be weighing in every single week as scheduled except my weigh in's will now be Thursdays =} I am super excited to find out how much weight I have lost because I really do see a difference in my ankles, my fingers, and on my tummy :D I do not feel bloated at all!!! I know soda plays a big part in that, so I am enjoying waking up I'm the mornings and not seeing my bloated belly:) that has been my biggest motivation this week. Once I weigh myself on Thursday I will share what I have been doing to make it happen:) don't want to share it unless I know it works. How is everyone else doing? I will be filming a YouTube video on my two week follow up, so  crossing my fingers there's a drop in that scale! 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Weight Loss Journey (step one)

So here it is!! I recorded a short video of me getting on the scale and being weighed except I'm not able to upload that in my blog, not sure how?!@ but here is a picture of my current weight and I will be posting pictures from now on an electronic weight scale so it's easier to read. Today this is what I read on the scale!!!! Now don't forget I'm barely 5'0 ft tall so this is overweight for height. I've been super excited about starting this journey and I am thrilled to film my next video on YouTube showing any weight loss and if so, I will be explaining the steps I took for that. Also, starting tomorrow on day one of my journey I will start taking pictures of my breakfast lunch and dinner for a week and share that along with my food diary as well in a special video :) now I have not decided if I'm ready to share all of this with the world so let me know if you are
interested, leave a comment below with your YouTube name and I will make the video viewable to you. If you are ready to do this lets DO IT!! If you are not ready yet hopefully with my progress, vlogging, blogging, pictures and diary I will be able to motivate you=} good luck everyone!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My "Weight Loss" Journey

Hello, if you are reading this post that means you might be interested in joining me on this weight loss journey that I will starting this Friday-since the weekend is my weakest. So if you are like me that means enjoy eating what you crave now until Friday hee hee. I will be posting pictures of me on a scale with my current weight (ahhh super personal and scary) and from there on I will be posting tips on anything that has helped me (crossing fingers) as well as weekly updates. Finding motivation to lose weight is not as hard as putting that first step forward and sticking to it. Some of the hardest obstacles I have come across right now is living with my partner (who is just genetically skinny or some kind alien species) who eats everything and anything at all hours of the night!!! Being around someone like that makes it tough to stick to a more nutritional healthy lifestyle. Another huge obstacle is being a working mother who loves to craft; meaning we do so much that when we finally have free time all we want to do is craft and play with our goodies and exercising is the last thing on our lists LOL.

1. stop eating three hours before I  go to sleep-everyone says by 6 or 7 but truth is we all go to sleep at different times so as long as it's 3 hours before your bedtime

2. eat slower-it takes time for our bodies to let us know we are full that when we eat too fast we don't leave enough time to get the message that we are full, so try putting your utensils down after every bite and take your time in chewing your food

3. drink a full cup of water before every meal- to help us feel fuller faster

3. try to limit my soda intake down to one/day

4. taking pictures of meals and blogging

5. update my blog to report my success

So stay tuned and let's begin this journey together :D

My Bridesmaid Boxes

Here I share the bridesmaid boxes I created for my girls as well as some of their gifts. I have a full tutorial on my YouTube channel =}

Valentines Treats with the Silhouette Cameo

Here are some super quick last minute valentine treats I created using the silhouette cameo check out my video on YouTube for more detail =}

Monday, January 13, 2014

Cute Admiration Card

Hey everybody after spending what seemed like thee most amazing weekend  in 2014! I came out of CHA 2014 totally inspired to make a card! So here I used the lovely yummies from FreeSpirit Productions to help me keep my creative juices flow. Feel free to visit this Etsy store at "FreeSpirit favorites" to see more.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Chinese Lantern

Ok so I wanted to name this piece my masterpiece, however I wanted to let it settle down first so I waited a week to blog about it to see if I still felt the same about it and yes this is my masterpiece. This piece was inspired by a picture on google images and I tried recreating it and I ended up creating this which is much better in my opinion. I have noticed something though, the way my painting will turn out depends on who I am creating for;meaning my first painting, the cherry blossoms was for my love and it came out perfect! This second painting was created for my parents and it came out superb (in my eyes). So after the second painting, I thought I could paint anything I wanted so I started painting something to hang in our laundry room since there is a lot of empty space on the walls there, it came out horrible then I covered it and painted over it and now....
*******if you would like to see pictures and a blog about what happened with that picture before and after, just leave a comment*******