Friday, March 14, 2014

Slowly but surely =}

This week was a bit tough, I started working a second job managing and billing for a private practice. The practice is surrounded by yummy smelling restaurants and I must admit it has been extremely tough!!! I fought back and resisted from eating at any of those restaurants during work but I noticed that as soon as I would get home I would cave in and eat whatever I was cooking :0 so I weighed in yesterday for biggest loser and I only managed to lose one pound this week :( but was happy to see this morning that I am still in third place :) so I am determined this week I am going to strive to get at least three pounds off!! I want to win this challenge as bad as I want to fit into my smaller tank tops for summer!!! Let's do this baby!!

Hey ladies check this yummy recipe out!!

Monday, March 10, 2014


Hey everyone! you can tell by the title, I have lost 9 lbs in two weeks! My last weigh in was on Thursday March 7, 2013 for the "biggest loser challenge" at work! During my first week I lost 5 pounds and last week I lost 4 pounds! The second week was definitely easier for me. I had zero soda for 16 days straight! I say 16 because yesterday I caved in and had half a can!! I KNOW I KNOW IT WAS SO BAD BUT OOH SOO GOOD! I blame the temptation at home :( I have been so excited because I can see small results but still a big deal to tummy was the first sign, since there had been no soda I was not bloated and was looking a lot better in my shirts lol. Next, my ring rings started feeling loose and now I can see my ankles, my ankles are not swollen they are a lot thinner :D After seeing these results it has encouraged me a lot more to keep on going!!! You are probably wondering what I have done to lose the weight, well the first week I decided to take the advice of my nutritionist and in order to get rid of bad habits to replace my meals with either a protein shake or a protein bar and cut out my meals for just one week (which felt like forever and I was one grouchy person!). The shakes/bars had to be less than 1g of sugar and more than 16g of protein. During my second week I have cut down to zero rice (brown, white, red ALL rice, no bread,no juices/soda just pure water ( I do not want to drink up my calories). I start my breakfast with either two egg whites with fruit or if I am in a hurry I'll have a shake then for lunch I make sure I make this a good meal :D I have even had a "protein" burger from INN n OUT lol which isn't as great but hey it beats the shakes and bars hee hee. For dinner I try to have a lot of water before I start getting hungry so I can get filled up with a bar but if that does not fill me up I have the bar with half a shake :O. To be honest if I am cooking dinner and I really want some I do nibble on some here and there but I do not serve myself some on a plate because then I want more. Hopefully I can videotape this soon I'm waiting on losing more weight...what do you think? You cant really tell I have lost the weight unless you look at my fingers and ankles bahahaha. Nobody has told me they've noticed a difference so far besides my guy, not my family, not my friends/coworkers or students :( I also started exercising and running every single night since Friday so lets see how that goes. Can't wait to hear from all of you. Good luck!!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Late blog...

I apologize I did not blog yesterday as scheduled but to be super honest I did not start my journey that Friday :0 it was extremely hard with the weekend, I felt like such a failure and almost pushed it aside but I ate lightly on the weekend.that Monday I decided to join the "biggest loser" challenge they had going on at work for more encouragement. So I will be weighing in every single week as scheduled except my weigh in's will now be Thursdays =} I am super excited to find out how much weight I have lost because I really do see a difference in my ankles, my fingers, and on my tummy :D I do not feel bloated at all!!! I know soda plays a big part in that, so I am enjoying waking up I'm the mornings and not seeing my bloated belly:) that has been my biggest motivation this week. Once I weigh myself on Thursday I will share what I have been doing to make it happen:) don't want to share it unless I know it works. How is everyone else doing? I will be filming a YouTube video on my two week follow up, so  crossing my fingers there's a drop in that scale!