Friday, February 21, 2014

Weight Loss Journey (step one)

So here it is!! I recorded a short video of me getting on the scale and being weighed except I'm not able to upload that in my blog, not sure how?!@ but here is a picture of my current weight and I will be posting pictures from now on an electronic weight scale so it's easier to read. Today this is what I read on the scale!!!! Now don't forget I'm barely 5'0 ft tall so this is overweight for height. I've been super excited about starting this journey and I am thrilled to film my next video on YouTube showing any weight loss and if so, I will be explaining the steps I took for that. Also, starting tomorrow on day one of my journey I will start taking pictures of my breakfast lunch and dinner for a week and share that along with my food diary as well in a special video :) now I have not decided if I'm ready to share all of this with the world so let me know if you are
interested, leave a comment below with your YouTube name and I will make the video viewable to you. If you are ready to do this lets DO IT!! If you are not ready yet hopefully with my progress, vlogging, blogging, pictures and diary I will be able to motivate you=} good luck everyone!!


  1. I am super excited to know how you will be losing weight, especially interested in the foods you will be eating.

  2. I'm in! I weighed in at 172 and am 5'3''. My Dr. told me about a Mediteranean Diet. I'll le you know if I find any good recipes. I also have a board on Pintrest of great food recipes.
    My yt name is: scrappinbarbie
    Pintrest: Barbara Weiss