Saturday, January 4, 2014

Chinese Lantern

Ok so I wanted to name this piece my masterpiece, however I wanted to let it settle down first so I waited a week to blog about it to see if I still felt the same about it and yes this is my masterpiece. This piece was inspired by a picture on google images and I tried recreating it and I ended up creating this which is much better in my opinion. I have noticed something though, the way my painting will turn out depends on who I am creating for;meaning my first painting, the cherry blossoms was for my love and it came out perfect! This second painting was created for my parents and it came out superb (in my eyes). So after the second painting, I thought I could paint anything I wanted so I started painting something to hang in our laundry room since there is a lot of empty space on the walls there, it came out horrible then I covered it and painted over it and now....
*******if you would like to see pictures and a blog about what happened with that picture before and after, just leave a comment*******

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