Saturday, March 1, 2014

Late blog...

I apologize I did not blog yesterday as scheduled but to be super honest I did not start my journey that Friday :0 it was extremely hard with the weekend, I felt like such a failure and almost pushed it aside but I ate lightly on the weekend.that Monday I decided to join the "biggest loser" challenge they had going on at work for more encouragement. So I will be weighing in every single week as scheduled except my weigh in's will now be Thursdays =} I am super excited to find out how much weight I have lost because I really do see a difference in my ankles, my fingers, and on my tummy :D I do not feel bloated at all!!! I know soda plays a big part in that, so I am enjoying waking up I'm the mornings and not seeing my bloated belly:) that has been my biggest motivation this week. Once I weigh myself on Thursday I will share what I have been doing to make it happen:) don't want to share it unless I know it works. How is everyone else doing? I will be filming a YouTube video on my two week follow up, so  crossing my fingers there's a drop in that scale! 

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  1. I have been super bad. I have had soda every single day this week and only worked out 3 times, but have eaten junk food. Like cuban pastries and have had rice. I plan on starting again on monday since starting on the weekend is not good. Can't wait to read your post on how much weight you have lost.