Monday, June 2, 2014

Instamax Graduation Album

Knowing that my baby sister was graduating from High School I knew I had to make something that she could treasure forever to capture all the memories!! On Memorial Day Weekend I decided to stop by and take a look at the frames they had and of course had to check out what sales they had going on in the scrapbook section and that's when I first spotted the "Instamax Mini 8" it's a FujiFilm Polaroid camera!!!! So I bought that, the mini album and one set of journaling cards to take to her graduation. I also went to WalMart right after and bought two twin packs of film (too expensive, order online to save $$$) Once we met up at my parents house I started snapping away! Now this was a bit more challenging than I expected! Eventhough this camera has an auto adjustment no matter what lighting you are under I found that by covering the flash with washi tape my pictures came out a lot better :D Now the other problem I encountered with this camera is that when you are looking the viewing hole to see what it is you are capturing it actually is way off from where the lens is so I had to constantly remind myself to move to the left and guess my aim :( . By the end of the night while on the way to the restaurant to celebrate Natalie's graduation I was able to stick the pictures in the album along with the journaling cards (reminded me of project life) and surprised her with it at the restaurant :) Now that was a hit!!! I would totally recommend this to anyone :) so far I am loving this instamax film!! Just ordered more film through amazon!! Can't wait!!

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