Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My "Weight Loss" Journey

Hello, if you are reading this post that means you might be interested in joining me on this weight loss journey that I will starting this Friday-since the weekend is my weakest. So if you are like me that means enjoy eating what you crave now until Friday hee hee. I will be posting pictures of me on a scale with my current weight (ahhh super personal and scary) and from there on I will be posting tips on anything that has helped me (crossing fingers) as well as weekly updates. Finding motivation to lose weight is not as hard as putting that first step forward and sticking to it. Some of the hardest obstacles I have come across right now is living with my partner (who is just genetically skinny or some kind alien species) who eats everything and anything at all hours of the night!!! Being around someone like that makes it tough to stick to a more nutritional healthy lifestyle. Another huge obstacle is being a working mother who loves to craft; meaning we do so much that when we finally have free time all we want to do is craft and play with our goodies and exercising is the last thing on our lists LOL.

1. stop eating three hours before I  go to sleep-everyone says by 6 or 7 but truth is we all go to sleep at different times so as long as it's 3 hours before your bedtime

2. eat slower-it takes time for our bodies to let us know we are full that when we eat too fast we don't leave enough time to get the message that we are full, so try putting your utensils down after every bite and take your time in chewing your food

3. drink a full cup of water before every meal- to help us feel fuller faster

3. try to limit my soda intake down to one/day

4. taking pictures of meals and blogging

5. update my blog to report my success

So stay tuned and let's begin this journey together :D


  1. I eat everyday before 6pm. I do not drink water what so ever, so that is a new thing for me. I have stopped drinking soda as often as I did. I would drink a whole entire 2 liter bottle on my own daily. That was cut down. I only drink soda if we go out to eat. Don't buy it anymore. I do crave daily all the time chocolate. But don't buy it. My husband eats super heatlhty, all vegetables, fruits, fish chicken, un like me that wants to eat meat every day. But I have tried cutting that as well. I really hope we can help each other. I won't be posting any foods since I eat poorly. LOL. Thank you. Ana

  2. Harumy, You are a brave woman....I applaud you!! I have been strugfling with my weight for about 8 years now. I went from not eating when stressed to eating, and am huge!!! I'm not going to say jow much I weight, as I am very self conscience and don't get on the scale to check. I have a two year old girl, and I am a stay at home mother, I am also a full time student, so I have a lot on my plate. I am excited to see you progress. I have cut out most all sugar except for my coffee in the morning, and I don't drink plain water so I drink watered down I rarely drink alcoholic beverages, or pop, but my weakness is salty husband is naturally a twig as well, and I seem to think I can eat like him...and i can......but my consequence is the weight. So I look forward to your updates, and I wish you the best in your weight loss journey.

    ~Hugs, Jeannie~

  3. Hi, Harumy,
    I am so excited to start this weight loss journey with you all. I have been doing the Weight Watchers Points Plus (not faithfully lately) and it is amazing. I did stop using sugar and switched from Pepsi to Diet Pepsi (I know that it's not good for me) I drink 2 sodas a day and lots of water. In 1 month I lost almost 10lbs. My problem is I LOVE food, I love butter and fatty foods, but I am getting back to my routine again and cutting it all out of my diet again. I will start at least walking 2 miles a day again. I will post some recipes on my blog in the next couple days.
    Hugs!! Barb

  4. Harumy.. good for you! All your tips are wonderful. I don't drink soda, so that isn't the hard part for me. The hard part is I tend to munch in the evening. And eating slower is really good.
    Thanks for sharing!