Thursday, September 25, 2014

We walked the "green carpet"

We made it to the Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hilld on Tuesday September.23,2014 and it was a very exciting and motivating event!! Being a new Arbonne consultant has been really exciting, I definitely did not sign up to make any money (but truth be told I wouldn't stop it lol) I am in it because I swear by their products! I am hooked on hearing people tell me what a difference they have seen in their skin every time I dare them to try the RE9!! I was first introduced to Arbonne by coworker Monica,she asked me to join her team last year and like always being the skeptic that I am I of course said NO a million times before even researching the product! It wasn't until I saw another coworker skin look amazing and asked her what she had done different and told me her secret was the "genius" from Arbonne!! Needless to say, I had that baby shipped to me ASAP! I will never need to buy another skin product outside of Arbonne!!
here are some pictures from that night!

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