Monday, March 10, 2014


Hey everyone! you can tell by the title, I have lost 9 lbs in two weeks! My last weigh in was on Thursday March 7, 2013 for the "biggest loser challenge" at work! During my first week I lost 5 pounds and last week I lost 4 pounds! The second week was definitely easier for me. I had zero soda for 16 days straight! I say 16 because yesterday I caved in and had half a can!! I KNOW I KNOW IT WAS SO BAD BUT OOH SOO GOOD! I blame the temptation at home :( I have been so excited because I can see small results but still a big deal to tummy was the first sign, since there had been no soda I was not bloated and was looking a lot better in my shirts lol. Next, my ring rings started feeling loose and now I can see my ankles, my ankles are not swollen they are a lot thinner :D After seeing these results it has encouraged me a lot more to keep on going!!! You are probably wondering what I have done to lose the weight, well the first week I decided to take the advice of my nutritionist and in order to get rid of bad habits to replace my meals with either a protein shake or a protein bar and cut out my meals for just one week (which felt like forever and I was one grouchy person!). The shakes/bars had to be less than 1g of sugar and more than 16g of protein. During my second week I have cut down to zero rice (brown, white, red ALL rice, no bread,no juices/soda just pure water ( I do not want to drink up my calories). I start my breakfast with either two egg whites with fruit or if I am in a hurry I'll have a shake then for lunch I make sure I make this a good meal :D I have even had a "protein" burger from INN n OUT lol which isn't as great but hey it beats the shakes and bars hee hee. For dinner I try to have a lot of water before I start getting hungry so I can get filled up with a bar but if that does not fill me up I have the bar with half a shake :O. To be honest if I am cooking dinner and I really want some I do nibble on some here and there but I do not serve myself some on a plate because then I want more. Hopefully I can videotape this soon I'm waiting on losing more weight...what do you think? You cant really tell I have lost the weight unless you look at my fingers and ankles bahahaha. Nobody has told me they've noticed a difference so far besides my guy, not my family, not my friends/coworkers or students :( I also started exercising and running every single night since Friday so lets see how that goes. Can't wait to hear from all of you. Good luck!!

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  1. So glad to hear that you have stuck to your plan and losing weight. I started today my walking and plan on cutting down on the soda and carbs intake. I can start to exercise on March 21st, which is the day of my B-day. I had surgery in December and had a 3 month wait to recover 100%.
    Will be on the lookout for your video.