Sunday, December 22, 2013

New art

Been wrapped up with life I haven't been able to enjoy anything. Not complaining, simply stating sometimes we just get used to being on autopilot. For example, have you ever arrived home without even releasing you didn't really enjoy the ride home because you were thinking while you were driving. That's how I have been for the last couple of months just trying to get through with juggling schedules with work and kiddos extra curricular activities and sports.

Now that I have two weeks off on vacation, my goal is to enjoy as much time possible with my children and squeeze in some art time. I have a new inspiration in my life and I must say I love love love her! Andrea Gomoll is a genius! I can relieve whatever emotion I am feeling through this art. I will be sharing my journal on my YouTube channel when it is completed but for now I will be posting a picture every now and then here on my blog to share with anyone who wants to see them...if you are reading this then maybe you kept reading because you can relate to the "autopilot" term and you should give water coloring a try =} let me know I would like to see =}

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