Thursday, February 14, 2013

My dream has come true❤

So while I was crafting at 1 in the morning on 2/14/13 my honey decided to let me start opening my gifts so.. anxiously I start ripping them open completely not knowing what to expect because my honey is not very romantic and has never given me a piece of jewelry lol; this is the man that gave me a twilight poster on our first year of dating (I was not laughing then) and dinner and a movie for the following three. So I was completely clueless as to what I was going to be looking at in a couple of seconds one box was labeled Harumy Tun from Tiffany&Co. (because I was sneaky and called the number on the box when it arrived on Monday)  the other box was much bigger and it was from Henri Bendel (which I love) Well I opened the Harumy Tun box and there was a gorgeous necklace that was inside a suede Tiffany blue bag that was inside a Tiffany blue box then moved on to the next box and expecting something big all I kept pulling out was brown tissue until I finally got to the small Henri Bendel bag that had two small Henri Bendel fabric bags and inside of the first bag was a gorgeous necklace and at this moment my honey got down on his knees and asked me to marry him!! Wait go back a couple of seconds his first words were "this is a promise that your upgrade is coming" and I said "what?!" He then asked me to marry him and said all the amazing romantic words every woman dreams about and placed a band on my finger and I was completely numb instantly!! I did not melt like in the movies I was shocked, excited, confused and overwhelmed with emotions all at once and within seconds I was numb! I woke up this morning and it finally hit me, I am now ENGAGED!! Sure I live with this man that I love so dearly and true we have a bundle together and we are raising my two older children together as a family but like my father once told me " why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free" don't laugh! Those words have stuck with me for 8 years when he warned me to be careful with men and focus on raising my two children. Being raised Catholic I have always wanted the blessing of GOD with the man that I am sharing my life with and it is finally coming true!!!
In this picture you will notice gesso on my hands because remember I was crafting in my happy room when the love of my life decided to take me down a new path in my life!! It may not be romantic for many but it was perfect for me =}


  1. CONGRATS GIRL!! So happy for you. :o) ~Tracie~

  2. Ohhhh Love it so pretty sweetie hugs Terrie

  3. Tracie and Terrie!! Thank you so so so much for your lovely comments love you both,hugs!!!

  4. This is absolutely beautiful. I am so super happy for you, your fiancee and your kiddies... I wish you all a very happy, wonderful, loving life together. Many hugs... xoxo